007: EPICC Review Week 1: VFR, IVF, and IIMC

Celebrating 2019 and the accreditation of the Essentials for Paramedic In Critical Care Review Course (EPICC) with 52 Weeks of EPICC

Week 1: Discussing VFR, IFR, and IIMC

We’re kicking off a series we’re calling 52 Weeks of EPICC to celebrate completing the EPICC Review Course and it’s impending approval by the International Board of Speciality Certifications (IBSC).

In this, the first of 52 episodes for 2019, I’m pulling directly from Section 1 of the EPICC Review Course where we discuss VFR and IFR flight rules, and Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

I’ll be defining each for you, giving you some genearly parameters for what constitutes VFR and IFR, and discussing what makes IIMC so dangerous and how we as crew members can respond in the event of an IIMC situation to ensure the safety of the entire crew.

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