001: Introduction to the TIPS from CRIT Podcast

TIPS from CRIT Episode 1: Introduction To The Show

Here's what you can expect in this episode

  • I'll introduce myself and share with you a bit about my rough transition from 911 transport to critical care transport.

  • I'll share with you my reason for creating FlightCrit and the TIPS from CRIT podcast.

  • Explain my Vision for FlightCrit and the TIPS from CRIT podcast

  • Explain how the TIPS from CRIT podcast is different from other FOAMed podcasts.

  • Share how the podcast will be formatted (initially).

  • And share with you some of the topics we'll discuss here on the podcast.

Welcome to the first episode of the TIPS from CRIT podcast, a brand new podcast from FlightCrit.

My "Why"

Back in 2010, when I made the transition from working in a 911 system to working as a Flight Paramedic I struggled making the transition, nearly losing my job, because I was completely overwhelmed with my new role as a critical care provider, and the challenges of learning everything I was expected to learn.

I also struggled to discover where I fit in as member of an already established team of highly skilled professionals.  I was an outsider, and I felt like I had to prove myself worthy of the privilege of working with such a team.

This was a horrible feeling and so when I finally made it through my orientation, and probationary period, I promised that I would do whatever I could to help other paramedics trying to advance their careers avoid the same struggles I had.

And so was born FlightCRIT, my website for providing industry leading Prehospital Emergency and Critical Care Transport Education for Paramedics.

Where does the TIPS from CRIT podcast fit into this story?

My Vision for the Podcast

The TIPS from CRIT podcast is the next evolution of this vision, another way for me to serve our community by providing information in a way that's easily accessible and highly impactful.

How is FlightCRIT and the TIPS from CRIT podcast different?

First off, let me say that I'm one of you.

I'm not an administrator or clinical educator who spends each day sitting in an office coming up with new lessons that I think will be helpful to field staff.

I’m out in the field caring for patients, solving problems, and learning everyday.

The lessons I teach, and the information I share, come from my experience as a clinician in the field, and backed up by evidence based research when necessary.  I’m also passionate about learning from other professionals in our industry, and using their experience to improve the care I bring to my patients.

Excellence Through Collaboration

But what makes the TIPS from CRIT podcast so special is YOU!

Unlike other FOAMed podcast, you have the opportunity to be a part of the show and to make it what you want.

What you can expect from the podcast

  • Weekly podcast sharing some of the very best Tips and Tricks from industry experts to help you take your practice as a Prehospital Emergency or Critical Care Transport provider to the next level.

  • Each episode I hope to feature a real question from a listener, and then answer that question on the podcast in less than 10 minutes.  No fluff. No BS.  Just the good stuff that will have an immediate impact on you and your practices.

Topics Covered

  • Clinical Practice Updates

  • Review the most important subjects covered on the FP-C, CCP-C, CFRN, and C-NPT exams.

  • Discuss Test Taking Strategies proven to give you the absolute best chance of passing your professional certification exams.

  • We'll talk about Job Interview Strategies

  • ...Plus a lot more

I hope you enjoy the show.

Thanks for Listening!

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I hope you enjoy this episode! Until next time remember...

"Education is good, but excellence through collaboration is so much better!"

Fly Safe, and Live Well!