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Ketamine For The Critically Ill Patient - Part 1

Course Overview

Ketamine is one of the hottest, most widely discussed medications to find its way into a paramedics drug bag in a long time, but how well do you really understand this remarkable drug?

This class is the first in a 2 part series on Ketamine that will provide you with a deeper understanding of this drug so you can make better decisions about when, and how, to use it to take better care of your patients.


Develop an in depth understanding of the pharmacodynamics of Ketamine.


  • Describe how Ketamine works in the body

  • Describe the basic concept of a Medication Dose Response Curve

  • Describe the Ketamine Dose Response Curve

  • List the 3 primary dose ranges for Ketamine

  • State the optimal dosing and delivery method for Analgesic Dose Ketamine

  • State the optimal dosing for dissociative dose Ketamine

  • Explain the risks associated with using suboptimal dosing

  • Describe the most common side effects associated with Ketamine and how to manage them.

This class qualified for 1 hours of CE’s