The EPICC Review Course™

The #1 review course for the industry's most challenging exams: the Flight Paramedic Certification (FP-C) and Critical Care Paramedic Certification (CCP-C) exams!

Since 2013, FlightCrit has helped thousands of EMS professionals advance their careers, improve their clinical acumen, and pass their professional certification exams by providing the industry’s most up-to-date, clinically relevant, flexible, and affordable educational courses available.

Keeping your success in mind through the entire process, our courses are designed and presented using the latest evidence in emergency and critical care medicine, cognitive psychology and adult learning theory.

By building upon the knowledge and skill you already have, and presenting complex ideas in a straightforward way, we’re able to help you form connections between old and new ideas which makes learning critical care concepts simple.

Our Instructor Moderated - Student Directed approach to teaching has made FlightCrit™ a leader in EMS Education and a favorite among EMS Professionals worldwide.

EMS Education Evolved

Included in The EPICC Review Course™

  • 16 hours of onsite IBSC Approved Continuing Education

  • 1 year of access to our complete 32 hour online course. Review the course material as often as you'd like and keep the learning going all year long. (NOTE: Content can only be used once for CEs during any 1 cycle period).

  • Pre-course learning modules to help you prepare for the course and maximize your results.

  • 12 section quizzes to help students solidify the content presented throughout the day.

  • 2 hour LIVE Online "Office Hours" webinar held during the evening of the 1st day to answer any questions that may have come up after class.

  • 2 hour Live Online "Office Hours" webinar held a few days after the class to answer questions that may have come up after the class and further help solidify concepts presented during the class.

  • Downloadable Course Study Guide.

  • iOS Flash Cards.

  • Access to “Score Higher On Your FP-C®, CCP-C®, or CFRN® Exam”, the definitive course for perfecting your test taking skills for the industries hardest exams.

  • A invitation to our Live Online Instructor Office Hours webinar where we discuss what's new in Critical Care and collaborate with other students.

  • Access to our private EPICC Student Center facebook group where you can discuss the course, share new ideas, ask clinical question, receive test taking tips, and form friendships that can help advance your career.

  • Downloadable Certificate.

For Recertification

  • Earn 32 hours of continuing education.

  • Approved by the IBSC® for FP-C® or CCP-C® certification renewal.

  • Can be used for both state license or national registry renewal.

The EPICC Review Course™

The essential information you need to know to the PASS the industries most challenging exams: the Flight Paramedic (FP-C®) and Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C®) exams.

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What To Expect!


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Following your enrollment, we will guide you through a series of steps to maximize your training experience. Topics we’ll review include:

  • Course Curriculum

  • Exam Pass Guarantee Policy

  • Our Instructional Process

  • How to Discover Your Learning Style

  • How to Download Course Study Guide

  • The FP-C and CCP-C Exam Structure

  • Proven Study Tips

  • Options for 1 on 1 tutoring

  • Joining the FlightCrit Community and our private group exclusively for students of the EPICC Review Course.

  • Meet and talk with your classmates and instructors online.


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Now that it’s class day, it’s time to get to work, so sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started. Our class is divided into 12 sections spread out over 2 days. Here’s what you can expect from our time together.

  • Start each day with coffee and a quick Q&A session to get things started.

  • Dive into new material

  • Frequent breaks to give your mind a chance to rest and encode what you’ve just learned.

  • Challenge yourself with a short quiz after each lesson to help solidify new information.

  • Wrap-up each day with a final review of the day and a quick summary of the next days activities.

  • Evening Office Hours from 1900 - 2100 to answer any questions that may have come up.

  • Be sure to get a good night sleep. Cognitive Psychology research shows that it’s only during sleep when new information is consolidated from our short term memory into our long term memory.

Post Course


Great, you’ve finished the course! Now it’s time to dial everything in and start putting your new knowledge to test.

  • Attend the Post-Course Office Hours Webinar.

  • Take the “Score Higher On Your Professional Certificate Exam” course.

  • Utilize the complete 32-hour online EPICC Review Course to continuing your learning.

  • Create a study plan.

  • Start working on you “Dump Sheet”

  • And - lastly - register for your exam! (We’ll help you with that too!)